Cirrascale Cloud Services broadens Deep Learning cloud offerings with world’s most powerful GPU for AI Supercomputing


Cirrascale Cloud Services, a premier cloud services provider of deep learning infrastructure solutions for autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and computer vision workflows, announced its dedicated, multi-GPU deep learning cloud servers support the NVIDIA A100 80GB and A30 Tensor Core GPUs. With record-setting performance across every category on the latest release of MLPerf, these latest offerings provide enterprise customers with mainstream options for a broad range of AI inference, training, graphics, and traditional enterprise compute workloads.

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Why is the maintainability and reproducibility of Machine Learning Models Hard?

Machine Learning isn’t cheap. Chiefly, when one massive model or several multiple models are to be built, it eats up your time, money, and effort. Imagine wanting to revert to a previous model artifact if the current model isn’t performing as effectively as the previous model. If you do not have access to the previous model’s results, you would have to go all the way through modifying your parameters, training your models, and estimating the performance. A not-so-easy job, indeed!

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Run machine-learning workflows to transform data and build AI-powered text indices with txtai

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txtai executes machine-learning workflows to transform data and build AI-powered text indices to perform similarity search. txtai supports indexing text snippets, documents, audio and images. Pipelines and workflows enable transforming data with machine-learning models. An introduction to txtai is available in the article below.

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